Cuphead’s Boss Fight Gameplay Trailer

Think back to the cartoons of your childhood, the whimsical music and the cheeky antics of the beautifully handcrafted animated characters. The style was slick, elegant and timeless. It is this style that is replicated in Studio MDHR’s upcoming game, Cuphead.

It is not only the animation that harks back to a simpler time. The gameplay isn’t too complex either. This is a classic run and gun game that focuses on one thing more than anything else, and that is boss fights.

The developer have now also treated us to a gameplay video of one of these boss fights and the antics are no less quirky and fun than in any cartoon. In the video we are shown Cuphead and his partner in crime fighting in a garden. This means that the bosses that he faces are nothing less than a giant potato and a giant carrot. And this is why we should be wary of genetically (or magically) modifying our vegetables. It is when they rise up that we will all need to be Cuphead.


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