Bulletstorm Remaster: Accidental Leak or a Purposeful Surprise?

It’s no secret that journalists receive USB sticks full of images, videos, and highlights of each E3 event they go to. It helps them remember and keep track of everything they’ve seen, even though practically all of those images are already online. Excited fans (or journalists not at the event) take screen grabs of the live streams, and the internet is flooded. The USBs help make sure that they have the correct sizes and quality photos, instead of sifting through 80 google images pages.

Bulletstorm Remaster

Apparently this year, a special surprise was on the USBs given out by Microsoft. The particular set of images shown were noticed by Nick Robinson, Polygon’s video editor. The USB he received from Microsoft contained a folder with the title ‘Bulletstorm Remaster’. When opened, there were four beautiful images of an unannounced game.

Bulletstorm Remaster 4

Why wasn’t this shown at E3? My guess is that it’s not ready yet, otherwise there would be a perfectly timed trailer coincidentally released about now. Which might actually happen as I’m writing this.

So now the question is: Did Microsoft purposefully put these in, knowing it would be a short amount of time before it blew up all over the web? Or is someone about to get fired for leaking a future title? We’ll all know soon enough.

What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Bulletstorm Remaster: Accidental Leak or a Purposeful Surprise?”

  1. @Xbox @Bulletstorm @EpicGames cant wait to put more of my time into this game 😀

  2. william says:

    @Xbox @Bulletstorm @EpicGames Hopefully it becomes a thing (and that sequel happens), I thoroughly enjoyed this game

  3. Dave says:

    @Xbox @Bulletstorm @EpicGames Great game, but rather a sequel than a remaster.

  4. Glyn H says:

    @Xbox @Bulletstorm @EpicGames now this is good news “DAS BOOT”

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