Watchdogs 2 Reveal

Pre order the limited edition and get the RC hacker robot from the game

You play Marcus Holloway, a young hacker from Sanfransisco and team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers to take down ctos 2.0, a computer run by criminal masterminds which is being used to manipulate citizens.

Explore San fransisco with a variety of gameplay possibilities in a dynamic open world setting.

Use drones and mini RC vehicles to neutralise enemies and spy from a distance, hack terminals with them too.

Use advanced hacking technology and stealth to complete missions without killing or go all guns blazing, the choice is yours. Develop your skills by upgrading your equipment to make them even more effective.

Play the campaign with your friends or go head to head in a brand new multiplayer experience.

Watchdogs may be getting a movie release; do you think it would make a good movie?

Released November 15th 2016

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