State Of Decay 2 Revealed At E3

During the Microsoft conference at E3 we got to see the reveal of Sate Of Decay 2 ! sequel to the much loved game that allowed us to feel like true apocalyptic survivors taking on hoards of the undead while keeping our base and survivors safe.

The trailer we got to see showed us a small group of survivors heading back into Trumbull county killing some zombies with the car door along the way in classic Sate Of Decay style, the rest of the trailer is more of what we would expect from State Of Decay – Looting, building a base and slaying some undead, only this time everything looks better and more in depth.

Throughout the trailer it seemed to be that the survivor was usually accompanied by a small group and even performed a duel takedown then the words ‘Nobody Survives Alone’ appear on the screen – could this be a hint to Co-op in the sequel or is that wishful thinking, let us know your opinion in the comments.

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