Battlefield 1 The Shooter We Need ?

What game has the likes of Snoop Dog, Terry Crews, Zac Efron and Jamie Foxx wanting to get hands on time? The answer… Battlefield 1, and those were just a handful of celebrities that dropped by the EA livestream demonstration after the E3 briefing.

The stream was around an hour long during this time we got to see three rounds be played, these rounds all took place on the same map and saw Germany going head to head with the Brits – the map itself looked absolutely stunning with countryside hills being the backdrop while the centre of the map was filled with town houses, some fully intact others not so much – the map truly fits the time period perfectly and creates a brilliant atmosphere, as with all Battlefield maps the most interesting part is looking at the beauty the developers have created and blowing it into tiny pieces – Battlefield 1 is no exception, in my opinion it showcased the best destruction we are yet to see, with some buildings able to be completely destroyed my favourite being  the huge Zeppelin that can be called in by one of the teams, this beast is capable of being blown up and can crash anywhere on the map causing mayhem on the ground, unlike previous battlefield games which featured the largest destructions being like a set piece always happening the same way each round.


Other gameplay mechanics such as the dog fights up in the air look more fun now than ever, with the planes being slightly slower you may not be zooming past your target all the time, instead you can line your gunner up and let them rain bullets on your target – new weapons seem to have a satisfying kick to them and the tanks give teams that extra fire power without ruining the balancing of the game thanks to items such as the anti tank grenades. Overall from the 3 rounds I watched I found myself extremely impressed and immensely jealous of Snoop Dog for being able to play the game, my only disappointment being I saw nobody mount a horse and rush into battle (Who needs a zeppelin when you could have a trusty steed)

This brings me back to the title of the article, is Battlefield 1 the shooter we need? my answer would be yes and here is why – Even before the launch of next gen consoles first person shooters were starting to become more about technology and the future, this has continued onto the new consoles with the likes of Titanfall 2 and Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare – now don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t think I’ll enjoy those games I’m certain hopping back into a Titan will be brilliant but what I really want is the option to play something different- This is where Battlefield 1 comes in, it may be taking a time period we are all familiar with but it’s something we haven’t seen in shooters for such a long time, and this is why I think everyone is so hyped for it because we as gamers are always wanting to dive into a totally new expereice and that is exactly what Battlefield 1 offers.

Let us know your thoughts about Battlefield 1, is it the shooter you have been waiting for?

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