EA Announces ‘Fe’ As The First EA Original Game.

EA have announced EA Originals as a new programme; it will allow smaller game developers a chance to showcase what they can create – after announcing the new programme they let us in on the first EA Original game called ‘Fe’ from Swedish game developers ‘Zoink Games’.

The game itself is based on adventure and exploration – the player is plunged into a narrative story without words but instead replaced with the link between creatures and nature, the player will have to hike through the forest which as you can imagine will come with it’s own threats – whilst on your adventure, if you wish to progress, you will have to collect songs, learning these will allow you to move deeper into the forest.

‘Fe’ is about the power of nature; the connection between the land and creatures and how together, they create a fragile existence that is met with dangers. It would seem we can expect a rich world to explore and conflict along the way driving the message of the game.

Does ‘Fe’ sound like a game you would be interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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