Trailer Leaked for Life is Strange Devs’ Vampyr

The brand new trailer for the Jekyll and Hyde-esque Vampyr has leaked a few days ahead of its official release at E3, showcasing gameplay and gore. Coming from Dontnod Entertainment – the developer behind choice-based time-bender Life is Strange – Vampyr looks set to force similarly challenging player choices: who will you kill next?

In the new trailer we see protagonist Jonathan E. Reid giving us the bleak lowdown on a gloomy – but not dreary – London, which has become racked with disease and corruption. Reid himself, a WWI doctor who has been transformed into a vampire, must sustain himself by drinking human blood, something which will also give the player new powers as the game progresses.

Part combat and part detection, it appears that Reid’s main objective will be to discover exactly what has happened to him. However, the fact that every Londoner you meet will be a potential target for vampiric assassination, and that every kill you make will have real, in-game consequences, means that Vampyr also has the potential to become a tantalising game of strategy.

Scheduled for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC some time in 2017, this is definitely one to watch out for; although it’ll be a pain in the neck waiting to play it.

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