Destiny Stream Officially Unveils Rise of Iron

It’s a good time to be a Destiny fan. Community Manager DeeJ, Art Director Christopher Barrett and producer Scott Taylor sat down on Twitch today to detail something called Rise of Iron. You might have heard of it already.

Anyway, they’ve dropped a whole heap of information like it was hot, and we’ve taken some notes during the stream. Enjoy!

  • Pre-ordering gives you an exclusive Iron Gjallarhorn, which is basically just black, though you can unlock a regular one via a new quest.
  • Releasing on September 20th for PS4 and Xbox One only. No last gen.
  • New story focusing on the Iron Lords, who sacrificed themselves to try and stop an ancient technological plague with a cinematic story and new questline. Also features new areas of the Cosmodrome, such as the Plaguelands and Felwinter Peak, and a new social space.
  • You’ll be fighting Fallen mutated by the plague, becoming even bigger jerks in the process.
  • New raid and strikes, and updated previous strikes. Also new patrols, events and “secrets” within the new areas.
  • New Crucible Maps, a new mode, and some new features to be revealed over the summer.


  • This will cost $30. So about 21 quid for us.
  • The dev team talk through some concept art and explore how this will impact the DLC.
  • Promises to explore why Saladin keeps asking us to fight each other, beyond mere sick pleasure
  • We can’t get our own wolfpack, and this is displeasing.
  • The DLC starts with you taking back the Peak, which becomes the new social space.
  • The endgoal is to become an Iron Lord yourself. No word on you starting your own underground Iron Banner.
  • The “Fallen Devil Splicers” and the whole plague-ridden army will have some new tricks up their sleeves.
  • New gear looks pretty sweet, we can all agree.
  • Maximum Light increase to… Who knows right now? It’s happening though, and it will be “significant”.
  • A new relic pickup will allow you to wield a flaming battleaxe. Enough said. Will be shown in action in the summer.
  • You get to forge your own Gjallarhorn. No more random drops there.
  • E3 presence confirmed. Because obviously. Keep ’em peeled for more info.

And there you have it. Not the longest stream in the world, but it’s all about the content within. Are you excited for the new Rise of Iron expansion? Sound off in the comments below.

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