Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Leaked

Ahead of next weeks E3 expo the first trailer for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 has leaked through Twitter’s advertising service. Whilst it was quickly removed from twitter as an advertising campaign some took the video for themselves and reposted it, as you can see below.

All round it’s a fun trailer and when compared with the edgy Aiden Pearce of the first installment to the franchise you can tell that Ubisoft are trying to take the IP down a different route.

The game seems to chart the story of the disgruntled hacktivists of none other than San Francisco. The trailer gives off themes of a oppressive governing body, the #BigBrother and armed presence on the streets, and a group of teens and young adults looking for a good time despite the risks it may have. It would be a refreshing route to take and may resonate strongly with the younger audiences. We’re sure to have more information from the official E3 reveal on Monday 13th of June during Ubisoft’s Media Presentation.

Are you excited for the next Watch Dogs game, or did the first title leave you a bit underwhelmed? Could this new more fun loving approach be good for the franchise or did you prefer the gritty harshness of Aiden Pearce’s world? Leave your comments!

Matthew Harris

Video Games are a passion of mine. I've been playing them for as long as I can remember. I've also always wanted to be a journalist. Now I write for XboxOneUK, the perfect combination of the two!

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