Telltales’ Batman and New Walking Dead Games Given A Release Schedule

While its been known for a while now that Telltale Games were going to develop a new Batman game along the same lines as Walking Dead. It’s just come to light the possibility of a release date for the episodic Batman Game.

The head of Telltale Games Creative Communications took to Twitter and tweeted this:

On first glance of this tweet what immediately stuck out to me was the Summer confirmation of the brand new Batman Telltale game.

What didn’t immediately and is just as exciting (For me anyway) was the second line which states that the new third season of The Walking Dead would be released in Autumn.


This means that we will be able to carry on the previous stories which we have covered in both seasons 1 and 2 and also, carry on the so far heartbreaking tale of Clementine and her struggle to remain alive amongst the walkers and the sometimes more sinister humans.

Which of these games are you more excited for The Walking Dead or the all new Batman series.

Let us know as always in the comments section.

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