Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Game Engine Revealed

The new Call of Duty title, Infinite Warfare, has been through the ringer since it was revealed. The future setting put many long time fans on edge, only made worse by the concept of going to space. It quickly rocketed down the rankings to become the most disliked trailer on Youtube ever and its negative reactions from fans and critics alike have seen it make headlines again and again for none of the right reasons.

It is a widely known fact that the Call of Duty has been running the same game engine almost since the start, and even that engine was just a modified Quake engine. The IW engine is antiquated and is outperformed by a lot of its current competitors, it would stand to reason that for Infinite Warfare something might finally change in this department. Those with that assumption would be sadly mistaken.

During an interview with AusGamers the Design Director of Infinite Warfare, Jacob Minkoff, revealed that the engine used would once again be a heavily modified version of that very same IW engine.

“In the last three years, we have made continual improvements to our tech. We have overhauled our animation engine, physics, AI system, NPC behaviors and more. We are doing a lot that has never been done in the series before, like seamless, streaming level transition, for instance, that allow us to go from ground combat to space and then inside our hub as a continual experience, so we needed to re-engineer our systems to deliver on that vision,” Minkoff said.

He went on to defend the engine and stressed that Infinite Warfare would run the best and look the best of any Call of Duty to date.

“We’re also using physically-based rendering, which means more detailed lighting and improved shading across the board. Surfaces in our game, from the hallway of a warship to the wrinkles on a character’s forehead will be seen more realistically and naturally than ever before. We’ve built a new performance capture stage too. Our tech really lets us bring the actors’ performances to life in a really cool way. We can’t wait for fans to play the game for themselves.”

If Minkoff is to be believed there will be some heavy changes to the IW engine and it should be pretty visually pleasing, though looking back this is really nothing that we haven’t heard before from Call of Duty developers. Call of Duty’s current engine has become dated, and it shows.

Does the news that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be using the same modified IW engine as its predecessors surprise you? Or does this just make you even less likely to pick up the latest in Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty titles? Don’t hesitate to comment!

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Source: AusGamers

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