The Division Daily Reset | 05 June 2016

Tom Clancy's The Division Daily Reset

Welcome The Division, Agents, and welcome to another day!

Here’s the daily information for you on 5 June 2016.

Daily Missions

HARD: Queen’s Tunnel

  • 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material

HARD: General Assembly

  • 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material

CHALLENGE: WarrenGate Power Plant

  • 20 PxC, Yellow Crafting Material

Daily Assignments

Combat: 5 Explosive Kills

  • 10 PxC

Crafting: 5 Stamdard Items Crafted

  • 1 D-Tech

Dark Zone: 10 Rikers Eliminated

  • 7,500 Dz XP

Daily HVT Officer 

  • Marconi – 5 Intel – 15 PxC
  • Brosco – 5 Intel – 15 PxC
  • Robinson – 10 Intel – 20 PxC
  • Brownie – 10 Intel – 20 PxC
  • Brock Finster – 15 Intel – 25 PxC
  • Cpt. Daniels – 15 Intel – 25 PxC

Weekly Assignments

Strategic Assignment : 30 PxC

  • 50 Cleaners Eliminated
  • 20 Blue Items Deconstructed
  • 50 LMB Eliminated
  • 10 Missions Completed (Hard or Above)

ISAC Assignments : ISAC Esmay Jacket, 3 D-Tech * 50 Elite Enemies Eliminated

Special Gears Vendor BoO


High – EndHistorian204Marksman Rifle +140 Headshot Damage42,75187028.3K30010Prepared, Intense, Harmful
High – EndOfficer’s M9 A1204Pistol35,0386604,97845020Expert, Restored
High – EndMilitary SCAR-H204Marksman Rifle +146% Headshot Damage40,69488214.5K27520Swift, Ferocious, Harmful
High – EndAUG A3 Para XS182SMG +25% Critical Hit Chance41,7672065,84172525Deadly, Responsive, Swift

Special Gear Vendor

Gear – SetHunter’s Faith Knee Pads191648207+0+478+0+1,156 Health+40% Increased Kill XP +24% Blind/Deaf Resistance +25% Disrupt Resistance+8.50% Ballistic Shield Health +1 Mod Slot
Gear – SetPredator’s Mark Gloves191380208+530+0+0+502 Assault Rifle Damage +6.50% Critical Hit Chance +10% Damage to Elites+8% Seeker Mine Damage
High – EndTactical Mask204424491+584+0+0+10% Damage to Elites+12% Disorient Resistance+8% Sticky Bomb Explosion RadiusEnduring
High – EndSpec-ops Pads182673110+487+0+0+5% Damage to Elites+46% Increased Kill XP +26% Blind/Deaf Resistance +27% Disorient Resistance+8% Sticky Bomb Explosion Radius +1 Mod SlotProsperous
High – EndSpec-ops Holster18242697+494+528+471+276 Pistol Damage+7.50% Smart Cover DurationSturdy
High – EndOperator Gloves204479436+0+645+0+557 Pistol Damage +1,920 Marksman Rifle Damage +10% Damage to Elites+9% First Aid Self HealDecisive

Source: Reddit

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