Halo 5 Community Update | Hints and Heroes – and new content tease?

Saturday is Halo day, and with the release of Hog Wild and work still ongoing on the next update for Halo 5: Guardians – which will bring Firefight to the Warzone – we were expecting 343 Industries to be keeping things simple this week.

The community update is 343i’s way of keeping the fan base engaged – but they are not beyond dropping the odd teaser in now and then. Updates to Forge have been overtly teased this way, but this week XboxOneUK’s Danny discovered something a little more hidden… more on that later.

But back to Hog Wild. Hopefully you’ve got your hands on one of the awesome new Hogs that dropped this week. If you have, you may have been having too much fun to notice some of the other tweaks tat arrived alongside the new REQs.

When the Hog Wild REQ Drop released, the REQ Level for the Hybrid Scope was set a little higher than our other scopes. Since then, we’ve decreased them to match the other scope variants. Here are the changes:

The Assault Rifle has stayed at REQ Level 1
The Battle Rifle Hybrid Scope has been lowered from REQ Level 4 to REQ Level 3
The SMG Hybrid Scope has been lowered from REQ Level 6 to REQ Level 4
The DMR Hybrid Scope has been lowered from REQ Level 8 to REQ Level 6

~ B is for Bravo, 343 Industries

If you’re a fan of pro gaming – to be honest it looks like too much hard work to us – then you’ll want to head on over to Halo Waypoint to catch up on all the latest Halo Championship Series. Find out about the awesome new HCS skins while you’re there.

Halo Championship Series

But back to 343i and a possible tease. As we began our usual coverage of the Community Update we  stumbled across something – the evocative image that graces the header on Halowaypoint.com has a rather unusual filename:


And the banner in question:

HALO 5 update

What does this mean? Is there some code hidden within the update of the filename itself? Is this just some red herring, or even nothing at all?

If you can work it out please let us know. Better minds than ours have been set to work on this very task.

Until next time…

…see you in the Warzone, Spartans!

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