Attention, Commanders – Elite: Horizons Lands on Xbox One

Elite players on Xbox One can finally discover more of the galaxy, as the much-anticipated expansion pack Elite: Dangerous Horizons comes to Xbox One.

The space sim’s second add-on, after the CQC Arena, is essentially a season pass with the first update included, and developer Frontier Games has promised to deliver a ‘season of major gameplay expansions’. In this opening, Horizons opens up planetary landings, with the ability to explore them in the SRV ‘Scarab’ rover. You’ll also be able to set up base camps (and raid other bases). Oh, and you’ll also get access to the sweet Cobra Mk4 spacecraft.

With the Xbox release of Horizons, players will also gain access to the Engineers update. This brings multiple customisation options, including giving your in-game commander a whole new look. You’ll have to seek the Engineers out though – they have their own bases dotted around – and pay a fair (or even unfair) price for their modifications.

Good luck out there, commander.
Good luck out there, commander.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons will require you to own the base game if planetary surface exploration is your bag. There are three ways to pick it up: either as a standalone for £19.99, the Horizons Plus pack that includes 1500 Frontier Points for £29.99, or as part of the £39.99 Commander Deluxe Edition, which includes the base game, all add-ons and

Keep your eyes peeled throughout 2016 for more additions to the Elite world that you can grab with the Horizons season pass.

Check out Elite Dangerous: Horizons in the Xbox Store now.

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