Another Backwards Compatible Game Incoming Soon?

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

It has been let slip that another game may shortly be coming to the Backwards Compatible list – further to yesterday’s article about suggestions that Skate 3 is coming to the Backwards Compatibility programme, other EA games could also be about to make that (backwards) leap.

If the suspense is killing you, I shall relieve you – the title is the much-loved Burnout Revenge. Now the Burnout series is one of the most asked for franchises for BC usually Burnout Paradise, but still, it’s a step in the right direction.

burnout revenge

The reveal of this title was pretty much accidental, as it hasn’t been officially listed by Microsoft yet, but has been listed for pre-order as a digital code on Amazon, with a release date of 14 June. Still in the rumour territory, then.

Usually when this is the case, it means the game is due for re-release and as this game was already heavily rumoured to be coming to BC, we think this rumour holds some weight, especially with EA’s current relationship with Microsoft and the announcement of Skate 3 yesterday.

Is this game one that you wanted to see on the Backwards Compatibility list? Or were you waiting for something else? Let us know as always in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “Another Backwards Compatible Game Incoming Soon?”

  1. phill says:

    @Xbox need to release some of the big games

  2. Jack says:

    @Xbox Burnout revenge was so much fun

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