Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Review

At XboxOneUK we know gaming can be hard on the old back at times. With ever-more absorbing and engaging games, gaming sessions are getting longer and longer and it’s important to be comfortable – the Vertagear S-Line SL5000 is designed to meet the needs of the serious gamer and those long sessions.

Chairs are big, so the Vertagear arrived in a big box, but very secure and well packed – thanks Vertagear and Overclockers.

Once everything was unpacked from the box we had one of those moments – we were slightly worried that we wouldn’t be able to put it all together! But in the end it was simple and easy – if you’ve ever built a normal office chair (even an Ikea one) you’ll have no issues. Just start from the wheels and work your way up.

One nice touch is that all the fixings are pre-mounted – all the screws and bolts are already in place just waiting to be tightened, so no need to go scrabbling around in the box or worrying about missing fixings. The SL5000 comes with full assembly instructions, and a helpful video to boot.

Our first impressions on the fully assembled chair were very positive – it looks great! The SL5000 is a very professional-looking seat – and feels reassuringly solid thanks to the steel frame. Upholstered in high quality, leather-like PVC  that’s comfortable and hard wearing, the SL5000 is easy to maintain thanks to the material’s stain- and water-resistant characteristics.  If you do happen to tip something over it’s not the end of the world.

Correct ergonomic posture is important – fail to adopt the right position and you’ll be uncomfortable and even risk long-term injury. The SL5000 offers fully adjustable seat height and an angle-adjustable back with 170 degrees of adjustment.


One of the best features of the chair that really sets it apart from competitors are the adjustable four point armrests – these slide up, down, left and right to accommodate different shapes of gamers and different controller-clutching styles. Are you relaxed, with elbows in and the controller in your lap? Or a bit more manic, elbows out, controller in your white-knuckle grasp? Either – or anything in between – can be accommodated by the SL5000.

You’ll not only be supported when your posterior is ensconced in the SL5000, you’ll be comfortable, too. The high density resilient foam offers premium padding whist the open-cell technology keeps the seat breathable meaning body heat isn’t trapped, keeping you cool.

The SL5000 also includes extra accessories, including an additional neck support cushion and – importantly – a lumbar support cushion. Both are manufactured to the same high standard and are fantastic additions.

For the statistic obsessed – or just if you want to know if this will fit in your games room – check out the specs.

Full Specifications

– Overall height (incl. base): 1330 – 1450 mm
– Width backrest (shoulder): 510 mm
– Width backrest (lumbar): 305 mm
– Width seat: 380 mm
– Depth seat: 590 mm
– Material(s): Steel (frame), High density resilient foam, PVC leather, Aluminum alloy (feet)
– Max. Load: 150 kg
– Colour: Carbon Black
– Model: VG-SL5000
– Net Weight: 20 kg
– Gross Weight: 24 kg
– Package dimension: 880 x 400 x 680 mm

Remember, you can buy the Vertagear SL5000 Gaming Chair from Overclockers UK for £239.99. At this price, I would give it some consideration. While the SL5000 is at the premium end , the SL2000 is a similar design with many of the same specs, but a lower RRP of just £189.95

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You could do a lot worse that treat your bum to this lovely chair.
  • Overall


We can’t stress how important it is to be supported and comfortable – not only do you risk a pain in the neck if you’re not, your in-game performance can suffer too. You’ll have no such problems if you settle into the Vertagear S-Line SL5000, though. This is a chair of real quality that both looks and feels great.

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