Destiny Weekly Reset May 31st 2016

Here we are again on another Tuesday, Back with the Destiny Weekly Reset!

Nightfall: The Sunless Cell


  • Airborne – Guardians deal more damage in the air
  • Chaff – No radar
  • Small arms – Primary weapon damage is favored
  • Berserk – Enemies don’t flinch

King’s Fall Challenge Mode: Oryx

Court of Oryx Tier 3 Boss: Thalnok, fanboy of crota

Challenge of Elders


  • Chaff – No radar
  • Specialist – Special weapon damage is favored (primary and heavy is unfavored).
  • Super Kill Bonus – Super kills are worth more points.
RoundBossEnemy Race
1Seditious mindVex
3Val Aru’unCabal


Precision killsGet precision kills
Grenade killsGet grenade kills
Orbs of lightMake orbs of light

Lord Shaxx Bounties

NameDescriptionHow To
Individual AchievementComplete Crucible matches with an individual score of at least 1500 points.Win two matches with a personal score over 1,500. I would recommend either Rift and being the Spark Runner. One dunk will net you that score. Or play Clash or Control, and make sure you get kills, which will be about 15 kills pending assists, headshots, or control point captures.
Making an ImpactWin 7 matches.Invite some firends, hop on your favorite /r/Fireteamssite, create a Fireteam, communicate, win. Above all, have fun.
Crucible CombatWin one game in three different Crucible game modes.Play and win 3 different games, in 3 different games in 3 different Crucible modes for example you could win 1 control match, 1 rift match and 1 rumble.
Featured MatchesEarn points in any featured Crucible playlist. Wins are worth 3 points. Completing a match is worth 1 point.Win at all costs, Guardian! Don’t leave matches before they end. You could miss out on 3 points otherwise!
Rifles and cannonsKill 10 dudes with each primary typeKill 10 dudes with each primary type
The True Meaning of WarComplete all 5 of Shaxx’s weekly bounties in one week.Complete a total of 5 of Shaxx’s Weekly Bounties. Must have this bounty on your character BEFORE completing the other 5 bounties.

Source : Reddit

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