The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC Playable Now, One Day Early

The Witcher 3’s eagerly anticipated DLC, Blood and Wine, was slated for release tomorrow (May 31st) but after an update, gamers can play the game today.

The Blood and Wine expansion pack, CD Projekt Red’s second add-on for the game, adds around 30 hours of gameplay, in the all-new Toussaint area. The devs are promising a land apparently at peace, hiding dangerous secrets in its underbelly.

Now fans who are level 34+ can explore this strange and secretive land a full day earlier than expected.

Blood and Wine is a pretty expansive expansion pack, offering gamers more than 90 quests, 100 new pieces of armour, 40 new points of interest, over 20 new enemies (and over 30 new weapons with which to kill them) and a whole lot more.


Xbox One UK checked it out and while initially only the first mission was available, we can confirm that a subsequent game update unlocked the full DLC. It’s not known whether this is a glitch, or an intentional early release, but we haven’t seen any Witcher fans complaining about it.

Elsewhere, The Witcher 3’s UI has received an overhaul, making the layout easier and simpler to navigate. That includes the ability to collapse menu screens at the press of a button, as well as sorting different inventory pick-ups into separate sections.

So that’s another reason to boot up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And if you don’t own it yet, Xbox Gold subscribers can still pick it up for the £17.50 sale price over on the Xbox Store.

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