Rumour: Stream Your Xbox One Games to Windows 10 Mobile

So playing your Xbox One games on a Windows 10 mobile may well become a thing, if one Reddit user is to be believed.

You can check it out yourself by opening up the mobile Xbox app and heading to the Game Hub of any game you own. Here you’ll see the streaming icon and ‘Play from Console’ – it used to say ‘Play on Console’. Hit it and…

And nothing.

Costume Quest Stream

The user reported seeing a streaming bar at the top of the screen, before receiving one of two error messages. If the console’s not linked to your Xbox One app, then you’ll be warned that the console can’t stream. When Xbox One UK tried it – see above – we found a second error message, explaining that our console isn’t set up for streaming (It is).

The discovery follows an announcement at /Build – Microsoft’s tech conference – that confirmed Windows 10 Mobile will support Xbox One controllers. And while the ability to stream directly to desktop has been out for some time, this new development adds a portability to Microsoft’s console gaming – potentially putting it on an even footing with its rival, Sony.

However, some aren’t convinced, pointing out that the Xbox One app is universal, and could be a bug only PC streamers were meant to see.

But with E3 just weeks away, we’ll be watching to see whether streaming Xbox games on Windows 10 mobile will make its way to the main stage.

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