The Witcher 3 – Patch 1.20 Coming Soon

Fans of The Witcher 3 rejoice! Tuesday will see the release of the biggest Witcher 3 DLC to date – ‘Blood And Wine’ – and before then CD Projekt Red is releasing patch 1.20 which comes with a variety of changes and options for players. One of these additions includes a book  -‘A Miraculous Guide To Gwent.’ This book will allow players to display which Gwent cards are missing from their collections, and also where to find them. If you are seeking the ‘Collect em all’ achievement then this may be the perfect purchase; it can be obtained from playing Gwent with the scholar in the prologue, or from a merchant near St. Grefory’s Bridge in Gildorf.


Another great addition included with the patch is the ability enable enemy level upscaling for those more veteran players looking for a challenge. You’ll also be able to disable the automatic drawing and sheathing of Geralt’s Swords – something which some players find to be a nuisance (no more will Geralt sheathe his sword just as you roll into combat with a pack of angry drowners).

Patch 1.20 will come with the usual changes we expect from an update of this size; general gameplay will be smoother with more bugs and glitches fixed, visual issues such as Geralt not quite restoring all of his clothing after sex scenes (indeed that was a legitimate visual glitch!) Although we have no current confirmed release for the patch we do know it will drop before the release of ‘Blood And Wine’ – Xbox players can expect a download size of 2.9GB so be sure to free up some space if needed.


Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments, will the Miraculous guide to Gwent finally help you get those last few cards?

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