Halo 5 Community Update | Hog Wild REQ Drop

As 343 Industries prepares for the next major Halo 5: Guardians update – including the full Warzone Firefight drop – they’re taking a little time out to tease the next big REQ update.

In case you missed it, June’s full update – Hog Wild – has been pushed back a little so the team can do it justice, but the REQ update will go ahead as planned on Tuesday, 31 May.

“Ooh,” I hear you ask, “What can I expect from REQs designed to accompany an update called Hog Wild?”


Halo 5 Hog Wild Req Pack

And these aren’t just any old Hogs. These are M&S Hogs. Massively fast, & Superbly armored, in the case of the Rally. These are really getting our motors running!

Hog Wild isn’t just about the cars and guns, though – alongside Warzone Firefight there are a whole host of gameplay tweaks, not least to the boss battles in Warzone.

“We had a few major goals when it came to refreshing our bosses for Warzone. One is to create more dynamic matches. One way of doing that was adding dynamic bosses, and by using some foundational systems created for Warzone Firefight, we’ve been able to introduce these to Warzone for the first time. One example: on Apex 7, at the 2-minute mark, you could either have a Zealot Assassin Boss in the Caves, or a Ranger Commander and his squad dropped off at the beaches. Each Warzone match should be a bit different instead of the same encounters game after game.

“Another goal for updating Warzone was to give Legendary bosses better identities and a bigger payoff. We worked with Chris Proctor and now our Legendary Bosses have unique names, visual identity, and a unique REQ weapon. Players who defeat these bosses will have a chance of collecting and using these unique weapons sans REQ card.

“The Warzone Boss Refresh is exciting and we can’t wait for people to play it. There is so much more to talk about with new minion types, reinforcements, roaming bosses, complex encounters and more, which I’m told I can’t talk about just yet.”

~ Patrick Wren, Multiplayer Designer, 343i

Hopefully that’s whetted your appetite for more – and there won’t be that long to wait as the full Hog Wild drop – including Warzone Firefight – will land by the end of June.

For the full low-down, including some gorgeous high res images of the REQs and info on Halo Pro League changes, head on over to Halowaypoint.com.

See you in the Warzone, Spartans!

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