26 hours left for Hitman’s second Elusive Target

We’ve all dreamed of pressing cold steel against the temple of a politician on occasion. And between now and Sunday, 29 May at 1.00 pm BST you’re tasked with doing just that.

Or, you know, setting him on fire or dropping a chandelier on him or throwing him over a cliff or tying him to railway tracks while twirling your moustache maniacally.

Hitman‘s second Elusive Target – the fabulous game mode that gives you 48 hours and just one chance to nail your mark before the opportunity’s gone for ever – makes an appearance in Sapienza this weekend. The Congressman, the wonderfully named Anthony L. Troutt, is your target, and you must locate him with only the barest of briefings to go on. No minimap or Instinct mode to help you here, Agent 47.

Hitman Congressman

What we do know is that there will be increased security and at least one assistant who will always be near Trump… sorry… Troutt. Troutt.

Last time around, just over half the Hitman population managed to take out the Elusive Target – will the lure of taking down Trump be enough to up that number?

I did it again, didn’t I? Not Trump. Troutt. Don’t know why I keep doing that…

Hitman is one of our game of the year so far, and episode three is out on Tuesday, 31 May.

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Thanks to GameSpot for the heads up.


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