Deals With Gold Best Buys

Not every game appearing here is going to be a top class triple AAA title. No doubt most will be smaller indie games, or maybe even add-on packs. Either way, What are this weeks Deal With Gold Best Buys?

Each week, we will be dissecting the Deals With Gold Games, and choosing what we feel are the best out of the bunch. This weeks Top Two are:

Zombie Army Trilogy (save 67%)


Experience gut-wrenching third-person horror and intense co-op action from the creators of Sniper Elite 3. In the dying flames of World War Two, Hitler has unleashed one final, unholy gamble – a legion of undead super soldiers that threatens to overwhelm the whole of Europe. Fight alone or team up to save humanity from the zombie menace in this apocalyptic third-person shooter! Battle through THREE epic campaigns across 15 adrenaline-pumping levels. Brave the irradiated wastes of Germany solo, or fight back-to-back in online co-op for 2-4 players. Defeat harrowing legions of flaming zombies, armoured skeletons, undead snipers, fire demons, chainsaw-wielding elites … and worse … before facing the demonic Führer himself. Tactically dismember the occult hordes with iconic weapons and explosive traps, then watch every putrid lung burst, every rotten bone shatter with the return of the infamous X-ray Kill Camera. Finally, face your fears in the ultimate test: a brutal Horde Mode for 1-4 players across 5 blood-curdling maps

Whats not to like about this game?

  • it has zombies
  • it has nazis
  • it has crazy kill shot animations
  • It has crazy enemies
  • It has a zombie hitler…

Awesome! And it has a low price thanks to this weeks deals with gold. Priced at £39.99 its now down to £13.20, a 67% saving. If your a fan of the Sniper Elite games then this may be your type of game, with the same death cut scenes for you to admire its a fun little shooter with a twist. Whats more with that great saving this is one game we recommend you don’t miss.


OlliOlli (save 80%)


OlliOlli mixes addictive one-life gameplay with over 120 tricks and grinds across 50 deviously crafted levels, 250 Challenges, Spots Mode and Daily Grind. Not enough for you? Complete all challenges to unlock the super skilful RAD Mode! Rack up the biggest and coolest combos along the way then time your landing to perfection to rule the leader-boards. Compete across the world in all modes to get the highest scores on every Level and Spot. Daily Grind gives you 24 hours to challenge the world at a randomly selected Spot. You can practice as many times as you like, but you only get one chance to set your score. Just don’t slam on your face… (you will slam on your face!) The downloadable version of this game supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

An addictive fun little game this one, think 16-bit old school glory meets tony hawks and your on the right track. With numerous game modes and challenges to attempt, there is quite a bit of content here for you- aim high and try and set your highest score possible to beat your friends or others from around the world. OlliOlli has been reduced by a staggering 80%, this title is down from £7.99 to only  £1.60. That’s the type of price we wish all games were. Give it a go for yourself and if you don’t like it at that price its pretty disposable.

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Andrew 'Bowsey' Bowes

Evening all, I'm Andrew, I've been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller. Currently Xbox one and pc gamer, I prefer the massive open world games and small indie type games, but I can always be found playing something or another every day. Got Xbox live, deathrock2010, add me

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