Overwatch’s Microtransaction Details and Costs Revealed

Overwatch was released today, but until now, we’ve only had a few details regarding the inevitable microtransactions that every game has to have these days. So what’s on offer in Overwatch?

Gamers can obtain special gear in loot boxes. These boxes contain all sorts of cosmetic additions to allow total customisation of any character – so expect colourful skins, mocking taunts and weapon sprays. Stump up real-world money, and you’ll be able to buy loot boxes as and when you choose.

There are five microtransaction options to choose from, depending on how badly you want that new graffiti tag…

  • 2 loot boxes – £1.69 / €2/ $2
  • 5 loot boxes – £4 / €5 / $5
  • 11 loot boxes – £8 / €10 / $10
  • 24 loot boxes – £16 / €20 / $20
  • 50 loot boxes – £33 / €40 / $40

As far as microtransactional prices go, there’s nothing too shocking here. Of course, if you’re not into buying Overwatch’s loot boxes – which are about the only thing you can unlock in the game, since every character and every skill is available from the off – then Blizzard have got your back covered. You’ll still be able to unlock loot boxes in-game without dropping a dime.

What do you guys think? Will you be picking up Overwatch’s loot boxes or will you wait until you unlock the goods the old-fashioned way?

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