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E3 is just around the corner and the rumour mill is working overtime. At this time of year we all look forward to seeing what new games and features will be coming to our special little console in the near future. Well there’s one rumour that we’re interested in more than any other and that is whether or not we can expect a new Xbox console anytime soon.

We like to think that we’re an informed bunch here at XboxOneUK but we have to get our information from someone and that someone has to be more informed than we are. One man who is in that position is a young man who goes by the name of Brad Sams. There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the Xbox 1.5, a slimmed down, more powerful version of our beloved machine. According to Mr. Sams this is definitely a thing and is set to be announced at Los Angeles this year. The main focus of the Xbox 1.5 will be on apps and it will also be able to output at 4K which is a nice step forward.

But, ladies and gentleman, this is not the big news of the day. The big news is that the true new Xbox console, the Xbox 2 if you like, will be announced during the spring of 2017. This console will apparently be VR enabled and will be based on entirely new architecture. As this is just speculation at the moment there are no real details available but still, exciting times.Xbox-One-Ist-eine-Preissenkung-in-Aussicht-thumbnailThat’s not the only news that Brad revealed in his podcast today although it may well be the most exciting. There are also loads of new gizmos and gadgets set to spew forth from the Microsoft factories. Firstly there will be a Xbox streaming stick and an Xbox TV that will rival the Apple TV. There may also be another controller coming that will be a minor revision on the controllers already available. Also, unsurprisingly, we can expect to see the Xbox One interface launching onto PC’s creating a completely shareable ecosystem. This as been coming for a while and will be the completion of a long standing Microsoft project.

All of this is of course speculation but if everything is announced then it wouldn’t be a massive surprise. So people, we have one bit of advice for you. Start saving now.

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2 thoughts on “New Xbox Coming Soon (Maybe)”

  1. @bdsams wow 3 years later they release another Xbox 🙁 hopefully it’s a 4K version of Xbox one instead of 720 or 2

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