Chuck A Dodo in the Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One 736 Update

The ARK: Survival Evolved 736 Update went live on the Xbox One earlier today bringing a swathe of fixes and new features to the game. At a hefty 1.6 gigabytes of data this new update has patched up some bugs and given you the ability to toss certain items.

The Xbox One update has fixed multiple out of control Dinosaur spawners on a map known as The Center. The out of control spawners tended to spawn an unreasonable amount of dinos and other creatures, so much so that the Xbox One console that was serving as the games server would tend to crash.

The update also helped to solve a save game issue for single player and non-dedicated servers after the last patch broke them. Players will now have access to saved games that came before the patch. Unfortunately, those with Dedicated Servers that were affected by these issues will have had their saves wiped and will have to start from scratch.

You’ll also find a new weapon in your arsenal known as the Bola. The weapon will assist you in the early game. The Bola is a ranged weapon that can root both players and wild dinos in one place for 30 seconds and can be crafted from level 10.

Arguably the most important part of this new patch on the Xbox is the new ability to toss the Dodo bird, Kairuku penguin and Dung beetle. You can now lob these poor, defenseless creatures about the place to your hearts content! Also added is a new AI Turret mode for the Arthropluera, a gigantic centipede creature.

Matthew Harris

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