Overwatch Reveals Final Animated Short, ‘Hero’

The Overwatch hype machine reached fever-pitch today, one day before Blizzard’s FPS is finally released. And they did it in style!

Marketing for the game has been…monumental, literally in the case of the story we brought you yesterday about Overwatch’s impressive statues popping up around the world. Not only that, but Blizzard timed their open beta (a de-facto demo) to coincide with the release of Gearbox’s own FPS, Battleborn, and also teamed up with Coca Cola to launch a series of beautifully animated short films in Odeon cinemas. Those shorts, which are also available on the small screen, have given players a little more backstory to the in-game universe, as well as showcasing key characters and their skills.

And today’s animated short is their final offering before the game comes out. In it, we’re introduced to Blizzard’s very own action man, Soldier 76…

Given that the game achieved possibly the biggest beta ever, with almost 10 million players, Overwatch was never going to enter the gaming arena quietly. And these short films (there are four in total) have been a great way of keeping us involved in the game’s progress and release. With Pixar-like quality to each of them, it’s a shame we may never see any more of these cartoons. On the other hand…

Overwatch is released May 24th!

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