Xbox One Reveal – three years ago today

Can it really be three years since Microsoft revealed the Xbox One for the first time? Oh, how our eager, fumbling hands could barely turn on our Xbox 360s to watch the live stream and learn what Microsoft had in store for us.

What they had in store, it seemed, was little but contempt for a loyal fan base. At least, that’s how it felt. Even the die-hards amongst us found it difficult to wholeheartedly support some of the decisions made in the run up to that ill-fated day. Always-online-powered DRM? Dramatically curtailed second hand market thanks to all games (not just digital) being tied to your Xbox Live account? And (perhaps worst of all) hardly any games on show!

It was a disaster.

Thankfully, Xbox One under the stewardship of Phil Spencer (all hail the mighty Phil Spencer) is a dramatically transformed product. It’s a very much better machine than the one unveiled – and one that’s still improving thanks to constant updates to the software. Xbox Live is stronger than ever and whilst there’s no single system-selling title, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5: Guardians, Titanfall and Quantum Break make a pretty compelling case for this truly being the best lineup of games in Xbox history. Add in Games with Gold and backwards compatibility (what, no COD BLOPS whiners? You guys all happy now?) and it’s an incredible offer. And maybe some of the stuff that was proposed wasn’t all bad, in retrospect?

Xbox One is now is so good we can look back at that reveal and laugh… almost.

So, thank you Xbox One for growing into the console we always hoped you would be.

We’ll leave you with the amusing sight of our good friends (look, they haven’t actually got a Judge to sign the injunction so we can still approach within fifty feet, and that’s as close enough to friendship for us!) over at Outside Xbox trying desperately to say something positive immediately after the event. Look at Mike’s wee face!

What were your thoughts that day? Did it put you off the console? Has the damage been wholly repaired? Were there some things announced at the reveal that, in hindsight, actually make sense? Why not have your say in the comments!

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