Battleborn’s First Hero DLC Set For Launch, Double XP Event Soon

Battleborn just released on the 3rd of this month and already we have new content releasing this month.


The first little bit coming out will be in the form of a new character, Alani, which will be the first of five free characters to come out for the title. Alani is from the Eldrid faction where she was a healer turned warrior, from a world that is home to vast oceans. She uses her power over water to do damage and fulfill a medic role in combat.

Season pass holders will receive a Hero Key that will unlock any character of their choosing, including Alani. Season pass owners will be able to unlock Alani on the 24th, while others will gain access to the new character on the 31st. Alani will be unlockable for 47,500 credits to everyone once she is available.

In other news, Battleborn will be the host of a double XP event starting this Friday the 20th at 4:00pm, and ending on Wednesday the 25th at 4:00pm. The XP bonus will apply to not only the standard multiplayer, but also the story mode as well.

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