The Division update 1.2: Conflict

Divison free update summary of the latest stream by The Division channel: thedivisiongame

New DZ bracket 201+ to protect the lower ranks from harassment, new rope cutting feature in the DZ extraction, hijack the extraction and steal the loot that drops to the floor. Beware you become rogue by attacking the extraction rope.

There are now weapon cache boxes in the DZ safe houses so you can stash your items and get your recently extracted gear without leaving the DZ. They now include closed weapon boxes which can be opened and contain a random high end or set gear item or weapon (Some boxes can include a bonus like weapon attachment or mod)

New gear sets from doing new activities such as Search and Destroy missions, weekly and daily High Value Target bounty missions (time limited and will only appear in areas of the map that have been previously cleared), incursion and playing in the DZ

  • Shotguns and snipers have been nerfed for the level 34 NPCs


New incursion Clear Sky

This time the Incursion takes place outside, fighting rikers. With the retreat of the Last man battalion, the Rikers have gotten new leadership and have taken over one of the LMBs old SAM sites and is controlling the airspace and stealing the supply drops, agents must break the grip on the SAM site and take back the area.

The impossible challenge (until it’s figured out!)

Gear score 160 recommended

Breach a blockade by collecting explosive packs common in Falcon Lost

If players find it difficult in the first part then they will find it very difficult in the last encounter. Checkpoints are common

Challenge mode will be available 1 week after the hard mode is released.

4 new gear sets which now have specific play styles

Final measure

support – damage resistance – grenade damage grants a damage buff, enemy grenades and mortars become diffused and you gain a grenade

Hunters faith

Marksman set – critical hit damage for marksmen rifle – long range shots give damage buff from bullets – armour benefits included with 75% armour cap

Lone star

Shotgun set – Ammo capacity – increase in LMG and shotgun damage – holstered weapon automatically reloads

Predators mark

Assault Rifle set – Assault rifle damage, pistol damage, 10 shots on one target will cause the target to bleed for 100% of damage already done by the bullets

The SMG is now not the best weapon in the game. This update wants people to change their play styles and try new things.

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