Mirrors Edge Catalyst Can Now Be Pre-Downloaded

Mirrors Edge Catalyst has become available to pre-oder and pre-download on the Xbox store a few hours ago. You can access it here. The game will release on June 7th, 2016.

On the official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst website, information has been added about two more corporations. Everdyne Energy and the Pirandello Group now join Kruger Holding, making the three main oppressive corporations ruling the city of Glass. Alone the descriptions of the Corporations makes a great image for how the people live in the Cascadia.


Kruger Holding

“A security, weapons manufacture, and resource mining giant, Kruger Holding is the largest and most influential corporation within the Conglomerate. Its main subsidiary KrugerSec handles all security in Cascadia, and its personnel enforce order on the streets and rooftops of the vast, sprawling cities. KrugerSec is led by Gabriel Kruger and has its corporate headquarters in Glass.”

An individual who wants everyone to do exactly as their told and hates anyone who lives off the grid? Oh, and apparently “within Kruger there are also feelings of conflict and guilt, stemming from the death of a loved one”.Yeah, that’s totally a good idea for him to have complete militant power.

Everdyne Energy

“Everdyne provides Cascadia with energy from several different sources, all of them nearing depletion and most of them causing heavy pollution. This growing lack of vital resources is one of the most well-kept secrets in the entire country. Everdyne also handle the extensive desalination needed to provide Cascadia with enough fresh water, and here too their resources and facilities are stretched beyond the breaking point.”

So everyone’s about to run out of water? I’m sure the general populous are going to get their water shut off before the rich elite, and I’m sure we’ll get to do something about that. At least I hope so!

Pirandello Group

“Pirandello clothes the citizens of Cascadia. They set the trends, decide the latest fashion, and further cements the strata in society by offering different clothes ranges to the Corporate Houses and regular employs, making sure the House range is priced way above the pay-level of a regular employee. The clothing lines are complemented with beauty and hygiene-products in the same price-ranges. In Cascadia the way you dress and smell is an immediate class identifier.”

This reminds me of the Divergent series, where each faction has their own clothing style and colors. In Cascadia it also differentiates the poor from the rich, and the grunt workers from the executives. If I were Faith, I’d steal perfume from one clothing line and wear the outfit from another. Just to mess with people. Am I an executive trying to do an under-cover boss thing? Or am I a poor employee that stole perfume? You’ll never know cause I’ll outrun you!

Mirrors Edge

There are also construction, media, systems tech, and water coporations. Identifiying employees from each one based on their outfits is something I’m definitely going to waste time doing (if I can).

I’m looking forward to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, not just because I loved the first one, because it seems like the writers really had fun coming up with a color world to explore. The character and corporation descriptions are in-depth and unique. Each one different from the other, and everyone has their own agenda and reason for wanting power.


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