Black Ops 1: Worth the wait

A lot of Call of Duty fans were ecstatic at the release of Black Ops on the One as the latest backward compatible title.

I couldn’t wait for the 7.7GB update to download and I was straight on there. Ah the nostalgia, I felt like I’d gone back in time 6 years to where this game was new (yes I started this game as a level 12 and hadn’t played it for 592 days). A group of us were playing fine on TDM to warm up and get used to things again, (certainly different from the usual boost jumping and wall running we had gotten used to) everything was great! We had the usual issues like bad connection and raging host migrations. Laggy connections? The game had over 50,000 people trying to play combined through 2 different consoles; it has probably been a long time since the game servers have seen that many people on at once. But we got over that and adapted to it, just like we quickly adopted our old techniques, hunting grounds and routes we took when the game was still popular with 360 gamers.

Only when we decided to play an objective mode, Headquarters in fact, that’s when the new game feel came crashing down and we remembered it was 6 years old, the modders that were playing on the 360 are still active in the game. Nothing ruins the experience quite like a floating red gamertag that is impossible to kill because of godmode. Part of me thinks why couldn’t Microsoft or Activision have done something about the modders during the process of setting it up for backwards compatibility? Luckily we only found one modder throughout the whole 7 hours we played but it could have been worse.

Do you think the game has been ruined because of modders and hackers still playing it? Maybe they saw the news of the game being backwards compatible and decided to give the whole new population a hard time. Yes I know there will always be people getting onto the game and somehow modding it to make it easier for themselves, (lets face it, they rarely make it fun for everyone!)

Personally I don’t let modders ruin my gaming experience, I either leave the game if they are on the enemy team or ignore them if they are on the team (Or if it’s hardcore I might accidentally teamkill the modder to ruin the streak, if possible)

Despite the constant thought that someone might be modding, I loved every minute of my 7 hour gaming night on Black Ops, it was the boots on the ground style game that I missed, although it wasn’t my favourite Call of Duty game, it went back to my roots as a Call of Duty player. When this game was released I was still playing COD: Modern Warfare so I couldn’t get into it. But now I’m loving it, it might not be next gen graphics or amazing sound, let’s not forget its still a 360 game but we can get used to that. One of the last best Call of Duty games in the franchise!

What’s your opinion on the modders and how will they affect the gaming experience?

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