Battlefield Remasters Could Be On The Way

Battlefield remasters anyone? Well EA have hinted in a recent interview that it may be something they are willing to do in the future. Obviously at the moment they are fully focused on Battlefield 1, but what about 2017 and beyond?

Up till now EA are one of the few publishes who prefer to stay away from recreating the ‘old games’ and bringing them back – although the occasional map has been known to re-appear from time to time. Instead EA are focused on creating whole new games – both big and small. With the aim of making them as realistic as possible. As mentioned before, in the past a few ‘sacred’ maps have indeed reappeared, but these have always been driven by what the fans want. Te are normally decided in the form of a direct poll for the fans to vote on, with the winner being re-created in all its glory.

Well it appears if the fans want a remastered Battlefield game bad enough it IS something that they very well may receive:

“I wouldn’t say never. We’re not doing it right now, we’re focused on Battlefield 1 – but if we think the fans want that I see no reason we couldn’t,” EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Soderlund stated in a recent interview

So do you want to see a fully remastered Battlefield game? With quite a large back catalog, what would you want to see re-done? let us know in the comments below-

*source IBT

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