Five original Xbox games that would work on Xbox One

Original Xbox

In 2001 Microsoft decided they wanted a slice of the videogame business and the Xbox was launched, changing the face of gaming forever. While relatively short lived, the original Xbox paved away for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. The rest is history.

While many franchises that appeared on the original Xbox made the transition to 360 in later sequels, a few were left behind. Here are five games we’d love to see reimagined on Xbox One

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

This Xbox-exclusive sequel to the PC title Crimson Skies was an early Xbox Live title – pre-dating killer App Halo 2 – that saw players take to the skies in an alternate steampunk-inspired 1930s America. There’s a hugely complex geopolitical backstory that’s worthy of revisiting – but swooping and looping at the controls of your biplane as a sky-pirate is just too much fun.

Crimson Skies

The power of Xbox One and Azure servers could see huge battles above the skies of an art-deco New York. There’s nothing like it on current gen right now.

Timesplitters 2

You can take your Goldeneye and shove it. Timesplitters 2 out Goldeneyes Goldeneye with a quirky story, interesting locales and fast-paced action. Set across 10 levels from the Wild West to the 25th century, Timesplitters 2 is a wild ride from start to crazy, crazy finish. Somehow, Timesplitters 2  takes the usual FPS tropes and turns them upside down and inside out. And that’s before you try the crazy multiplayer.


Maybe it’s nostalgia, but we would snap up a new Timesplitters in a heartbeat.


Tim Schafer is a funny man and Psychonauts is arguably his funniest game. As well as being a laugh-out-loud experience, it’s also extremely smart and values brain over brawn. Its psychedelic visuals were an absolute joy, stuffed full with interesting, memorable characters. The game may not have had a huge impact on the charts back in 2006, but it’s still talked about a decade later.


Happily, it looks as though we’ll see a sequel in 2018. We can’t wait.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We have no idea why one of the smartest, funniest TV shows of the nineties and early 2000s (yes, folks, Buffy’s nearly 20 years old) spawned this single Xbox adventure and no more. Featuring all of  the TV show’s regular cast except Sarah Michelle Geller, the game launched to positive reviews and was a fun early romp for Microsoft’s debut console.


Since then, creator Joss Whedon’s gone from strength to strength and is a major player in Hollywood who has the industry pull to drive through the game Sunnydale’s most famous resident deserves. Buffy: Twentieth Anniversary Edition, anyone?

Steel Battalion

Yes, okay, number five is a bit of a cheat, as the second sequel Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor was released on the Xbox 360, replacing the original’s huge, complex controller with Kinect motion controls. Unsuccessfully, as it turns out. And no, as much as we love Kinect, this isn’t the (giant walking tank) vehicle for it.

Steel Battalion

But we’ve splashed out real money on a whole range of plastic instruments to feel like  a rock star for a few minutes, so I’m sure we’d snap up a new Steel Battalion controller with a new Steel Battalion game. Just as long as it is the size of  a coffee table. Proper giant robots – can’t beat ’em.

Steel Battalion Controller

Those are our five picks. What would your choices be? Or should we be looking forward, not backwards? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Five original Xbox games that would work on Xbox One”

  1. LATINRULER says:

    I’d love to see the Warriors as backward capability on Xbox one

  2. Geek Hibrid says:

    definitely adding that tweet to my @RebelMouse

  3. Scott Cooper says:

    @XboxP3 crimson skies!!!! I have have been dreaming of a sequel forever.

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