Modern Warfare Trilogy could be the last straw

Every now and then there’s an announcement by a major publisher that catches us by surprise – and not in a good way. We try all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify that publisher’s actions as a positive for the gamer but sometimes we’re just left with a vague sense of bafflement and a perplexed, “Huh?” on our lips.

Ubisoft’s weird statement that women are too hard to animate realistically (in relation to AC: Unity‘s multiplayer not including any women as playable characters) was one. And the decision by – probably – Activision to re-release all three Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games in a single package is another.

Not that these aren’t great games – they certainly are (well, maybe not number three). Not that they are not worthy of replay – they most certainly are, and you’ll probably get more enjoyment out of them than any COD game available on the current generation of consoles.

But we can’t see this as anything other than an utterly cynical ploy to squeeze the last few bucks out of last gen console owners before that well runs dry for good. It feels like a blatant money-grab from the same publisher who is locking away the remastered version of the first Modern Warfare game behind the paywall that is Infinite Warfare – a game it appears that nobody wants.

Modern Warfare Remastered

Of course, we could be wrong. There’s been no announcement from Activision and this is still speculation based on an entry on the Best Buy website, which lists a $30.00 price tag and a 17 May release date. But Activision has form here – they are, after all, the same publisher who wanted to charge you extra not to play Destiny.

But with no movement on separating Modern Warfare Remastered from Infinite Warfare despite this clearly being what the fans want, and no news of any on the Modern Warfare titles coming to backwards compatibility programme any time soon, does Activision really expect gamers to open their wallets for five, seven and nine year old games?

Our advice: If you don’t have these games in your collection already but really want them, pop along to your local GAME and pick up all three preowned for £8.79. You’ll be supporting your local high street, your local games store, protesting to a greedy publisher in the only language they understand, and the fresh air will be good for you.

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