New Biomes Inbound In Ark:Survival Evolved

Ark :Survival evolved is still evolving, and the next BIG change is the implementation of the new biome’s. As stated in the patch notes this a major environmental change and one that comes with some risks. This new update will be implemented on PC on May 30th, and Xbox should receive this update within 4 weeks after date that based on previous scheduled updates.



So just what are we looking at above?

Redwood Biome: The red area is about to be changed into a new Redwood biome. This according to the Devs will result it ‘substantial terrain change’ and as such they have recommended relocating your base elsewhere until after the update. WOW, to move an entire base and dinosaur’s out of this area is no easy feat. That’s why Studio Wildcard have given you a 3 or 4 week window to get it done. Now obviously you don’t have to do this, but if you didn’t, what could happen?

The new redwood forest will be altering the terrain, moving rocks and trees and adding new ones, but not in the old places. These new items will overwrite anything in there way, that includes players structures and tames dinos. So you could come back on after the update to find a giant redwood in place of your prized Giga or worse your 100+ army of killer dodos

The Swamp Biome: The green area is the swamp biome,this is being extended slightly to the western side of the map. A small update that shouldnt cause to much of an issue

The Snow Biome: This is still up for debate by Studio Wildcard as to just how much of the north is going to be taken up by snow. At this moment in time, they are still discussing if the popular hidden lake will be included in this change. That may not go down well with players who have their bases set up here, visit any server and you will find a base in this location as it appears to be one of the most populated ares in ARK. If this goes ahead then all of a sudden you will need a set of fur armor to survive. (that’s me in trouble if this happens)

The snow biomes (and possibly the swamp) wont be base destroyers as bad as the Redwood area however, but there may still be a few issues:

 “The extended snow area should not have any major terrain changes, but there is a possibility of new rocks and trees that have the potential to destroy parts of bases, or spawn on top of tames and destroy them.” Stated Studio Wildcard

Along with the biomes there will be the usual array of changes and tweeks for this v241 update

Upcoming Version: v241,
– New Creature: Diplodocus!
– New Creature: Leech!
– New Mechanic: Permanent Diseases & Cures
– Biome Update: Snow Extension & New Redwood Forests (this is a major environmental overhaul!)
– Tribe Groups Phase 2: Support for Limited Non-Admin Invites & Promotions per Group!
– Dragon Arena
– Ruins & Explorer Notes
– Added server option to override per-Item Crafting costs
– Added server option to override the loot tables for each kind of supply crate
– Added server option to limit number of members in Tribes. Default: no limit.
-You can now pickup and toss Dodos. Rejoice!
– Breeding Mechanics Phase 2 (Random Mutations, Family Trees, & Interactive Baby Raising)

Xbox’s update v239 and v240 are still on track to be implemented on May 16th

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