Cortana Spotted on Xbox One

Her arrival draws nearer. Cortana, one of the centrepieces of the Windows 10 experience has been long-promised to launch on Microsoft’s console – and now it seems her time is coming.

Spotted by keen-eyed Reddit user, Lenobis, we see the familiar Xbox One dashboard (belonging to none other than Microsoft’s community dude, Major Nelson). But take a look what’s lurking in the bottom right corner…


Now we can a message that reads:

Ready to meet Cortana? Get started with the new Xbox voice experience.

That experience will allow anyone with a Kinect or headset mic to control their Xbox with simple voice commands. Much like the Windows 10 experience, users can simply ‘Hey Cortana…’, followed by their Xbox-based desires.

Unlike the existing Xbox voice activation, Cortana promises to be smarter, with an understanding of natural speech. That means she’ll be able to comprehend your commands, whether, for instance, you say ‘Start a party with Mike’ or ‘Invite Mike to the party.’

Initially, Microsoft claimed that Preview members would first gain access to the virtual assistant back in 2015, but her subsequent appearances on Xbox One have been irregular to say the least. It’s likely that further announcements about Cortana’s move to the Xbox One will be unveiled during June’s E3, along with other juicy info about the so-called Anniversary update.

We’ll keep you posted as this one develops.

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