Infinite Warfare Trailer Most Disliked Gaming YouTube Video Ever!

The past week or so since the supposed ‘leaks’ that totally weren’t manufactured by Activision to create hype for its two new games Infinite Warfare and the much more anticipated remaster of Call of Duty 4 the Internet has reacted in ways that you would expect from the Internet. It seems that people are extremely keen on a bit of nostalgia and not so keen on the brand new game that will be set in space Infinite Warfare.

Now here’s the rub you cannot own Call of Duty 4 without paying Activision a hefty sum for the Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare. As you’d expect this has gone down as well as a fart in a spacesuit. HERE is our take on the whole situation and why Infinite Warfare may just pass everyone by.

A little too futuristic?

A little too futuristic?

Now the crux of the article that is showing just how much public opinion is swaying against this game at the moment and it’s only just been announced for all we know it could be the greatest COD of all time! (We doubt it)

The current rate of dislike for Infinite Warfare is astoundingly large for a game that has just been announced. The video has been viewed 8 million times and so far has amassed 338,000 dislikes making it the most unliked gaming video in YouTube history. Not only that but it’s actually sitting at number 39 at the moment for most disliked video of all time of YouTube’s existence! Call of Duty is known for breaking records but they are usually records you want to break! If you would like to have a watch and dislike or like it here it is:

I think this further reinforces the point that people just want Call of Duty to be how it used to be and it seems Activision knows this (With the COD 4 remake) so why set a game in the future and worst of all in Space? It doesn’t really make any sense unless they already know that Infinite Warfare would have largely failed on its own and it was too late to pull out of. Maybe this is why this has become the most disliked game trailer of all time? Also the God awful David Bowie cover in the year of his passing probably hasn’t helped either.

Well it’s got some way to go before catching up to Baby by Justin Bieber in 1st (6M) though who knows at this rate it might catch up to Friday in second by Rebecca Black(2M) if it can keep up this kind of pace!

What are your thoughts on both games? Excited for one but not the other? Or are you actually looking forward to Infinity Wards offering Infinity Warfare? Does it deserve the hate? Let us know as ever in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Infinite Warfare Trailer Most Disliked Gaming YouTube Video Ever!”

  1. Ian says:

    bc all future warfare games are ?

  2. Yes. The community makes it clear what we want.

  3. V Meldrew says:

    ha ha now that’s a kick in the balls… Bring on battlefield 5

  4. we just want old cod not this futuristic bull?

  5. Marley says:

    mw4 all the way! Another poor show again. Let’s fly area like flys! Putting the games at a younger market. But it’s an 18!! ????

  6. not shocked people are waking u0 give us what we want

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