Overwatch Open Beta Starts Soon on Xbox One

Here we will outline for you how to get into the beta for Blizzards first foray into first person shooters, Overwatch:

The only way to have guaranteed access was by pre-ordering before April the 29th. The early access beta is currently ongoing. Here is the relevant part for you if you didn’t purchase the game. There is a open beta from the 5th May and here is a handy little graphic for you to tell you what time you can play it from:


The beta will go live at Midnight in the UK and you should be able to pre-download the beta from the store and the beta ends at 6PM on the 9th of May so be aware of that.

To install the beta I’m sure you guys know the drill but I’ll outline it for you anyway.

  • Go to the store click games and then search all games
  • In the search field type in ‘Overwatch’
  • Select the Overwatch Open Beta from the search results and download it by clicking download
  • Click launch on the tile when the beta has finished downloading and you are done.

Will you be playing on the Overwatch Beta? What are your thoughts on Blizzards attempt at a first person shooter? If you have already played what are your thoughts on it? As ever leave your comments in the comment section below.

Source – vg247.com

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