My Games & Apps UI Makeover

Have you got too many games? Is your digital library bursting at the seams? It seems as if you are not alone. The My Games And Apps section of the Xbox One dashboard is something that has received a lot of criticism in the past but it looks as if this could be about to change.

The biggest problem that people are having with the My Games And Apps section is that with the ever increasing number of games that we download the list of games in the library just gets bigger and bigger, making it seem like you are scrolling right for an age. Sometimes it can get a little tricky finding that one game you want to play in among the hundreds that you have.

The problem has even led some creative individuals to mock up what a fix for this problem could look like and some of these people have even been sending their ideas to Microsoft. Well, it seems as if Microsoft have been listening, especially if the reply by Mike Ybarra, the Director of Program Management at Xbox, tweeted to a fan asking if anything was going to be done.

As is usual with Mr. Ybarra’s cryptic comments no further details were given as to what the plan was but at least it is some light at the end of the game lined tunnel. Let’s just hope that Microsoft have listened to the fans and taken on board some of their suggestions. We are not ones to make wild speculations but with E3 just around the corner it would make sense for Microsoft to announce any changes to the OS there so we will probably have to wait a couple of weeks for any real confirmation.

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