Higher Quality and Quantity of Drops Promised In Division 1.2 Update

Yes folks you heard that one right from the next patch it seems that what some division players are screaming out for is finally going to happen in the next update. Higher quality loot drops. This was confirmed during a live stream today that the team is looking to add more high-end quality drops and also increase the quantity. It could be what the game is screaming out for to make the game seem a little bit more fair than it is at the moment and make the players who don’t want to resort to glitches to get their hands on some high-end stuff without cheating.

Also during the live stream it was confirmed that a whole host of bugs would be ironed out in the next update and it was also confirmed that in the dark zone only those with a score of 200 and above would be able to get their hands on the best items in the game and they would only drop for people over 200. Additionally it was also confirmed that 240 gear would be available in all Dark Zone brackets with lower brackets having a lower percentage chance of dropping something worth having.

200+ players will be able to exclusively get their hands on HE Div Tech with lower brackets still being able to get their hands on other types of Div Tech.

Precious golden equipment

Also mentioned was details about improving the PvE part of the game which we have an article incoming about later on today so if you prefer to roam Manhattan alone and fight NPCs you may be in luck. Also outlined in the article is a new cheat detection system added into the game.  First offenders will be banned for 14 days for the first offence and banned full stop if caught again which can only be a good thing.

What do you think of these changes do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think it should be left alone? Do you think that glitchers being punished is a good idea? As ever let us know in the comments.

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