Division PVE And Daily Missions Updates

Have you enjoyed playing the much maligned Division? It seems that since the developers introduced the Falcon Lost incursion the whole game has gone to pot nearly but the developers are aware and are trying their very best to address the issues but it seems once they have fixed one problem another problem or glitch/exploit is found so Massive are fighting an incredible battle behind the scenes.

One thing you will have noticed recently is a lack of daily missions to do. This has been an ongoing problem since the dreaded incursion update. Ubisoft have of course noticed this, and posted this on The Division Twitter page a few days ago:

Well they have kept to their word, at 7am (GMT) The Division servers went offline to implant an update to rectify this issue (and a few others). It seems to have had a positive effect so far as the daily missions seem to have made a comeback this morning. Will people now be able to do different daily missions? Only time will tell.

That’s not all they have been sorting out, the Divisions large number of cheaters have also been targeted. A new and improved system for catching cheats has supposedly been implemented by Ubisoft but we shall see if this is the case over the next few weeks.


For those of you who aren’t all too bothered with the PvP aspect of the game in the Dark Zone and are sick of playing the same missions over and over we have some brilliant news for you!

A lot has been added to the multiplayer aspects of the game with the main part of the game left largely barren once completed with the same goons re spawning in the same places. Well soon it could be the PvE aspect of the game that gets a boost.

Massive’s Hamish Bode was asked the other day  on a live stream whether there were any plans in place for add ons to the current campaign to help reinvigorate it. He stated that the team has plans to change the open area landscape but was fairly tight-lipped about it.

The next update which will be 1.2 and players will be hoping that a lot of problems that have existed will no longer be a problem. It will hit some time in May and may entice some players back but that all depends on if it is more successful than Falcon Lost which shouldn’t really be all that hard really you’d like to think. Also glitch free would be nice but we’ll see how that one goes down.

Also as we reported on earlier Loot drops in the PvP section of the game are also planned in the 1.2 update. This article is merely an expansion of that one. You can find that HERE.

What are your thoughts on this. Are you more excited about possible PvE changes? Excited for the 1.2 update with the new incursion added? Pleased that the dailies have been fixed at least for now? If so let us know in the comments as always.

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