Superhot Arriving Next Week

Superhot became something of a sensation when its crowd funding page hit kick-starter last year and it quickly amassed over $250,000. Now the game is set to arrive on the Xbox One, launching in all of its quirky glory next week.

Superhot is an FPS with a difference. First of all it is not only an FPS but also a puzzle game as well. Admittedly this is something we have seen before several times but this game takes the concept to a whole new level. Time in the game only moves on when the player does, meaning that when you are not moving neither are the enemies, they also will only shoot at you while you move.superhot1The style of Superhot is minimalistic, as is everything else in the game. Ammo is especially minimalistic meaning that you must rely on killing enemies to pick up their weapons as well as resorting to melee attacks when things get a little desperate.

Superhot is set to be released onto the Xbox One on May 3 so get ready to shoot some red men in this mind bending FPS.

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