Kart Racer Coffin Dodgers Coming Soon

So you thought that life in a retirement village was dull, well you couldn’t have been more wrong. Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive are determined to show you how exciting retirement can be in there upcoming game Coffin Dodgers.

Coffin Dodgers is a darkly funny kart racing game that sees you playing as one of seven quirky residents of the retirement village as you race your extremely pimped up mobility scooter. Did we mentioned the weapons? Your scooter is also equipped with a variety of homemade weapons that will help you in your battle against the dreaded Grim Reaper and his zombie army. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be alone. you can invite your friends round and play in 2-4 player split screen multiplayer mode in this 3D open world.

You will have to battle it out against the Grim Reaper and other competitors over a 13 race championship where only the most skilled will survive. There are four distinct areas in the retirement village that you will race through on your way to victory. And you must be victorious as your ranking will see if you progress to the next stage. Don’t worry if you don’t progress however, not much will happen, just that the Grim Reaper will get your soul. The final race is a big one though. It will see you racing through all four areas in a direct head to head race with the Grim Reaper.coffindodgers1The main game features will include:

  • “Road Rash” style player-to-player combat with wacky weapons and geriatric gadgets.
  • Character ragdoll physics!
  • Upgradable mobility scooters with modifications to suit your driving style.
  • Select from 7 old, quirky but full of life retirement village residents.
  • Unlock and play as the Grim Reaper himself!

You can play in several different game modes including split screen multiplayer mode, battle through a single player story mode and complete challenges. You can also challenge yourself in the Crazy Grandpa mode that will see you using all of the 3D open world.

Coffin Dodgers will launch on the Xbox One on May 6 and will cost you the bargain price of £9.59. Until then you can check out the trailer below.

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