Weapon Balance Changes Incoming On The Division?

Ubisoft seem desperate to save what remains of their core fan base of the Division by announcing a lot of fixes to their currently glitch ridden game. After the first incursion Falcon Lost was introduced to the game it seems like the Division has been taking hits from all sides with a number of complaints about glitches and people cheating via the glitches and even surpassing the Falcon Lost Incursion  altogether by having the opposition kill the main enemy for them and picking up the high-end loot when it is done.

Thankfully some of these glitches will be fixed soon though we have heard this before so we are taking it with a pinch of salt.

In an earlier broadcast via Twitch Ubisoft Massive’s Hamish Bode had this to say. The recently discovered protection from elites glitch will be fixed soon. As the attribute actually increases the amount of damage taken from elites instead of reducing it. Mr Bode Suggests avoiding that attribute until the fix comes into play.


During the live stream more was shared about what is planned for the future. Bode not only claimed that new weapons balancing would be coming soon but he also acknowledged the hacker issues that have plagued the game especially but not limited to the PC. He didn’t want to reveal much more than that for obvious reasons.

What are your thoughts on this latest announcement from Ubisoft with regards to the Division? Do you think it will all amount to nothing or that they are actually going to do something about it? It’s interesting to note that the usual maintenance is this week on Thursday and not Tuesday. Coincidence? Let us know your feelings about this as always in the comment section below.

Source – WCCF Tech

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