Possibility of Xbox One Slim leak – Details below

Today is most certainly a day of leaks with the new Call of Duty name looking highly likely to have been leaked to see that click HERE. Now for the big one the leak of possible new hardware coming from Microsoft in the form of a rumoured Xbox One Slim and/or a new Xbox One (which we did report on and Microsoft debunked) or as it is known at the moment the Xbox One II.  Don’t worry that’s just a codename for now. (We hope)

Apparently mass production has been in place since February on these new consoles which gives credence to the rumours of Microsoft unveiling software at E3. At this moment in time it seems far more likely that this will be a slimmed down version of our much-loved VCR shaped Xbox Ones than brand new hardware.

The one area that seems to be the most exciting and points more towards a slim than something altogether new is the weight of the rumoured console. According to the leaked document it will weigh between 600 – 800 grams which means it would weigh about 2 pounds. The Xbox one weighs 7 pounds so if this is true then it would be significantly smaller but we are more inclined to think it will be the weight difference between the two or even the weight of a component or an attachment? Here is some evidence of the project albeit in Japanese:

new xbox slim leak

Also the expectancy seems to be 400,000 units of the Xbox One Slim a week, which means 1.2 million units could be available in a month. If this is the case then Microsoft could have 5 million units to shift by the time E3 swings round if the leaked document is correct.

What are your thoughts on these rumours? Do you like the thought of a slim or a new console altogether?

Source – Shacknews via neogaf

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3 thoughts on “Possibility of Xbox One Slim leak – Details below”

  1. KINGBOSS says:

    @Xbox they need figure out a way 4 people who spent there money already I paid 500 4 halo 5 Xboxone not a yr yet it goin nowhere

  2. UK.A says:

    @Xbox I wouldn’t like brand new hardware, this generation has yet to find its footing, in my opinion.

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