Xbox Live Chat Issues Finally Resolved

Most people will probably all aware by now that Xbox Live has been playing up for a few days, with matchmaking and party chat being affected once again. This if by far the most annoying aspect of Xbox live! It seems to have the ability to stop you from communicating with your friends or joining them in a lobby at the worst time. For me it was when I was Playing The Division, ever tried to play in the Dark Zone as a group of 4 who cant hear each other? Its a massive pain in the……..

Well good news, after roughly 2 days Microsoft have confirmed they have now fixed all the issues:

First off fixing machmaking and now:


All fixed! But for how long?

It does feel like Social and Gaming has been going down quite a lot this year. The ability to join up with your friends in your favorite games and be able to speak with them is the biggest aspect of Xbox Live for most players. Microsoft cant keep having this go down time and time again. Hopefully this new fix will settle it down and the outages will be reduced.

I wait with baited breath to see if its fixed, or will I be stranded in the DZ again?

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3 thoughts on “Xbox Live Chat Issues Finally Resolved”

  1. @Microsoft until next weekend eh!! lol

  2. @Microsoft thank god , it ruined our night on the division too , had to scrap it in the end ! But got to play dirt rally ?? !

  3. @Microsoft how long before it goes down again ….. Ill say within 2 weeks 😉

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