Friday the 13th: The Game First In-Engine Footage

Friday the 13th: The Game is a hot topic among the horror community at the moment. A horror filled ride in which Jason Voorhees stalks his victims and tries to kill them in a variety of bloodcurdling gruesome ways. Whilst the game isn’t slated to release until this October we can now happily say that the first In-Engine footage has been revealed by the developers Gun Media at the currently running PAX event in America.

It’s not quite game play, but the above video shows the level Higgins Haven, which appeared in Friday the 13th Part 3. It also features a particularly gruesome door kill.

This second clip is actual gameplay captured from the perspective of the counselor. We can assume that she doesn’t make it beyond that point.

Are you excited for the new Friday the 13th game? Or do you think that with 12 films and a variety of other tie in media Jason Voorhees needs to face the axe himself? Don’t forget to comment!

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