Blizzard Says Overwatch Cross-Platform Play is a ‘No-Go’

Bad news for Overwatch fans hoping to play the Blizzard FPS with those on other systems – Jeffrey Kaplan, the game’s director, has put the absolute kybosh on it. For now.

Overwatch was already listed as a definite no for cross-platforming back in November 2015. Then Microsoft popped up earlier this year to say they’ve figured out how it could be done, suddenly it seemed like the perfect game to join Rocket League as a cross-platform-ready title. During those heady, golden hours, anything seemed possible.

But while excited gamers gasped, the reception from those in the industry was if not hostile, then decidedly chilly. For the foreseeable, you can include Blizzard in that sceptical pile.

Jeffrey Kaplan says it's a no-go.
Jeffrey Kaplan says it’s a no-go.

In an interview with Gamereactor, Kaplan said cross-platform play was:

[A] no-go for us. The reason is that we think there’s an unfair advantage because of the type of game that it is. Mouse and keyboard gives a much higher precision, the return rate is much higher, so we just think it’d be unfair to pit those players against each other.

The KBM-controller issue is something Xbox boss Phil Spencer highlighted, saying that while he loved cross-platforming, he wasn’t going to let cross-peripherals play together precisely for the reasons Kaplan stated.

Not that Blizzard are entirely against the idea. Kaplan also added:

When it comes to cross-platform play, that is something we just learned about, and we’re very excited to watch where it goes, but we don’t have anything prepared for launch. But we’re open-minded to exploring that, if it becomes more of a thing.

What you can read that as is: let’s see what Xbox’s competition do first.

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