Bethesda Renews ‘Starfield’ Trademark

It’s been three years since we’ve heard from this title yet on April 11th Betheda’s parent company ZeniMx have renewed the their trademark on the name. Though there have been no announcements, news, or any other hints regarding the name it appears that it may still be on the cards for development.

As if that wasn’t surprising enough we can also say that this new application is in fact the fourth trademark that ZeniMax currently holds for Starfield. The other three trademarks cover items such as T-Shirts, and computer and console games. This newly filed trademark, however, is specifically for mobile games.

Now before you freak out this does not mean that Starfield would end up being a purely mobile game. Last years Fallout Shelter was both incredibly popular and a companion piece to the console Fallout games. It would not be a grand leap of logic to assume that they may try doing the same thing again, and why not with this new supposed game Starfield?

Bethesda is currently planning a second showcase for E3 2016, and we’re presuming that will be the place where we will get some idea on what Starfield actually is, if anything at all.

Are you excited for a potentially brand new series from Bethesda? Or would you rather them stick to churning out Fallout titles and DLC? Don’t forget to leave your comments!

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